Burning Man: What a long, strange camping list, indeed

Reno Gazette-Journal | August 15, 2014

“There’s all manner of beverages available on the playa…ditch the disposables and bring a good cup and keep it handling. Life will be much better….”


12 Things We Want from the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

Men's Journal | August 14, 2014

The Stanley All-in-One Coffee thermos combines a pot for boiling water, a French-press style filtered plunger, and two small coffee mugs along with a compartment for holding coffee grounds. While Stanley isn't known for making ultralight mugs, we do expect the All-in-One to be Stanley-durable — standing up to rough use at camp. One thing's for sure, we are looking forward to skipping the sandwich bags stuffed with grounds, and upgrading our gritty cowboy coffee.


Outdoor Retailer - Day 3

Adventure Kayak | August 08, 2014

Everything you need to brew French Press coffee in combined into one easily packable, stainless steel package.



A pot, thermos, coffee press, mug, a buddy mug and a dry coffee ground container all fit snugly together into what looks like a large thermos.


Best of Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2014

Gear Patrol | August 07, 2014

“Stanley has sold vacuum bottles for years, this year they’re introducing a vacuum coffee system, with a lid that separates into two cups, dry storage for coffee grounds and an integrated pot and press – all of it wrapped up in vacuum-insulated 18/8 stainless steel.”


The Goods

Penthouse | August 05, 2014

“You need to protect your hooch, whether you use it to fortify your attitude or disinfect a wound. This stainless-steel flask is both rust- and leak-proof, and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill.”

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