When it is hot it's hot.

By Ronald Crowe from Handley, West Virginia, a Stanley user for 36 years

My cousin and I went deer hunting one year in the rugged hills of West Virginia. We usually ate left over Halloween candy and drank hot coffee afterwards. One day while drinking hot coffee from our trusty Stanley stainless steel thermos [with home made handles constructed of small diameter copper pipe pounded flat on the ends and attached to the bottle with radiator clamps], we encountered a large buck deer. We got after him in a hurry and in the confusion we forgot the Stanley thermos. We traveled a good bit of territory that day and could not locate where we had left the thermos in the woods.

After back tracking for awhile we decided that we would never find the location that we were before the Deer came along. We figured it was just a lesson learned. This is just where the srory starts to get interesting. We went on home because it was the last day of the season anyway.

The next year the same cousin and I were hunting the same area as the year before and guess What? We found the Stanley thermos just as we had left it the year before, leaning up against the tree as if time had stood still for a year. We inspected the thermos,and it was in remarkedly good condition considering that it had been there for such a long time.

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