Football Fall, Saturday road trips and an Old Time Football Man

By Jason Harper from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a Stanley user for 7 years

Growing up my dad would take me with his two law associates on road trips to follow the Tennessee Volunteer football team. Mom would pack a basket with fried pies, sandwiches and other goodies to comfort us while we were gone. Dad would pack me up and then pick up his two friends on the way out of town. One friend(Jim) was a former player from the 1931 team. He was an imposing man even in his later years. I would sit in the rear and ride along quietly listening to his stories.

Jim always had his Stanley Thermos of coffee and a cigar to chew. He drank from the cup/lid and swallowed his spit. Once at a game a group of young college boys had one too many and were using every cheap four letter word they could afford. At 85 years old Jim stood and turned his body to face them (he couldn't turn his neck) and without a word the boys sat down and said nothing else for the rest of the game.

The trips were all different is most ways, but the constant was always my mom's care package and Jim's Stanley. Even then i knew that I had to have one of those, because the toughest man I ever met had one.

Yeah I got me a Stanley and when I carry it something deep down beckons me to push my chest out and pull my shoulders back.

Thanks Jim.

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