years of friendship

By mike bowman from clarks summit, Pennsylvania, a Stanley user for 25 years

I bought my first Stanley stainless steel one quart vaccum bottle about 25 years ago. It has gone to work with me six days a week,ice fishing and hunting sometimes at temps at seven below zero degrees.while on those hunting and ice fishing trips i would just stick it in the snow or stand it on the ice along side of me. A hot cup of coffee is a very welcome thing after being out in that weather 7 or 8 hours and my stanley never let me down. I would boil the water to warm up the bottle the night before i was going out and in the morning just fill the bottle right from the drip coffee maker, still the last cup 8 hour later i would have to let cool a little bit before drinking it so as to not to burn my mouth. Saddly i must say good by to my old friend, it has seen its last trip afield the bottom has rusted thru. I will buy a new Stanley soon my old friend owes me nothing and I have years of memories because of it enableing me to stay out enjoying a hot cup of coffee while my friends were heading home cold.

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