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  • 5 Tailgating Essentials for the Ultimate Pre-game Party

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5 Tailgating Essentials for the Ultimate Pre-game Party

By: Stanley

Pumpkin spice everything may be the highlight of fall for some, but we all know there’s something much greater that makes a comeback at this time of year—football season.

Clear your calendars because you officially have plans most days or the week and by plans, we mean that you have some serious game watching to do. The only thing better than watching the game from the comfort of your couch is watching it from the stadium. And the only thing better than the actual game is the tailgate party.

In case you need a little crash course on throwing the most epic tailgate party, we’ve put together some pro tips to get you off the starting bench and on the field when it comes to tailgate preparations.

Tailgating Essentials for the Ultimate Pre-game Party

Bring the game day command center

There are all sorts of tailgating party setups. Some prefer a simple set up from the back of a truck, others prefer to go big or go home by bringing a fully loaded RV to the game. Both tailgating styles can offer everything you need to cheer on your team.

Regardless of the one that you prefer, make sure to bring a few basic things:

  • Chairs (we’re fans of the Eno Lounger DL Chairs because they combine comfort and portability)
  • Table
  • Games
  • Portable speaker
  • TV

Keep the command center covered

One of the best parts of tailgating is being outside in the open air surrounded by people that are just as pumped about the game as you are. Corner your game-day stomping grounds by popping up a tent. Not only will this be a clear way to let everyone know where your party is at, it also helps to protect your crew from the elements.

Tailgate pro tip: Show your team spirit by buying a tent that’s branded with your team’s colors and mascot, or hang a flag on the side of your tent.

Bring a grill because there is no such thing as too much tailgating food

Nothing beats tailgating snacks and the good ole grill is a necessity to get the snack party started. You can keep your menu simple with burgers and brats (nothing wrong with that), or you can kick it up a notch with pulled-pork or buffalo chicken sliders. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s not uncommon to upscale tailgaters firing up the party with smoked salmon and crab cakes, and other crustaceans.

Tailgate pro tip: If you’re contributing to a tailgate potluck or want to have some snacks ready to roll when you arrive at the game, consider bringing some pre-made cold or hot snacks from home. You can pack that mobile snack (think dip or chicken wings) into our Adventure Vacuum Crock, for a convenient finger-food that’s ready as soon as the tailgate drops.

Coolers, coolers, and more coolers

Coolers are not an option, but rather a necessity for any tailgate party. We’ve been to our fair share of tailgate parties and we’ve got the logistics down to a science. For starters, you’re going to want to have two (possibly three) Adventure 30 QT coolers on hand. You’ll want to fill one cooler with the adult bevies and if you’re bringing kiddos to the party, give them their own cooler filled with kid-friendly drinks. The final cooler should be reserved for your food. If you’re a beginner at packing a cooler, get game-day ready with our tips to properly pack a cooler like a pro.

Fact: It’s not a tailgate if there isn’t LOADS of beer

What makes a tailgate epic? The beer or the food? We’d like to think it’s both, but beer is known to get the party started. Can you think of one memorable tailgate that didn’t include beer? We can’t. Pack up your favorite local beer in one of our growlers and you’ll have 64 oz. ice cold beer through the entire game—sharing is optional, but highly recommended.