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  • The Most Reliable Travel Mug I've Ever Used Is On Sale


The Most Reliable Travel Mug I've Ever Used Is On Sale

By: Stanley

“There’s something understated about a travel mug; it doesn’t have the flair of a martini glass or the classic appeal of a French Picardie tumbler or even the familiar hominess of an open-top ceramic mug. And yet, the travel mug is judged harsher than any of these vessels and upon a much more rigorous set of standards.

Heat retention, cold retention, leak-resistance, cup holder compatibility, in-hand ergonomics and ease of cleaning are all must-have properties, and insufficiency in any one can be cause for abandonment. Plus, it should be durable enough to last years.

Stanley’s classic One Hand Vacuum Mug is a humble and competent contender for the best travel mug available. I discovered this as the pre-dawn cold of Wyoming — not the shiver-inducing type of cold but the kind that kills the nerve endings inside your nostrils with every inhale — prompted me to undertake a search for a container that could maintain its internal heat better than my own body. The One Hand Vacuum Mug does that almost too well; once safely indoors I often remove the mug’s lid to bring my drink down to tastebud-friendly temperatures.

That this mug can also be operated with one hand is a boon to frozen fingers everywhere, and it’s never let loose a single drop of fluid (even after a sufficient jostling inside my backpack). Given the amount of use it’ll undoubtedly see, it’s an easy way to spend $28. Right now though you can get one for just $19 — even better.”

By Tanner Bowden

See the article herehttps://gearpatrol.com/2018/06/22/stanley-one-hand-vacuum-mug-save-32-percent/