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  • Adventure Water Jug | 2 Gal
  • Adventure Water Jug | 2 Gal
  • Adventure Water Jug | 2 Gal

Adventure Water Jug | 2 Gal

Item #: 10-01938-001



Hurry, only 2 left

From the job site to the soccer field, a mighty thirst needs a mighty quenching. But do you think we’d just slap our name on something that holds a lot of liquid and call it a day? Fat chance: We went above and beyond, designing this epic 2 gallon jug to meet every kind of thirst imaginable, as well as keep liquids iced up to 60 hours. The high-flow spigot easily removes for thorough cleaning, ensuring last night’s margarita party doesn’t sneak its way into your ice water today. And after last night’s party, you just might need it.

13 Hours



Weight: 4.40
Dimensions: 11.69L x 11.69W x 13.50H in


  • Foam Insulated lid 
  • Leak-proof vent plug and spigot
  • Leak-resistant gasket
  • Rugged latches and handle
  • BPA-free

Lifetime Warranty:

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